Green Tips while shopping

Buy local food to conserve fuel, reduce pollution, and eat more fresh. Find farmers’ markets, family farms, and other local sources at your own super market.


  • Use reusable bags instead of getting new bags every time you shop.
  • Americans use 3.3 million plastic bottles every hour but only one in five is recycled. Use a reusable bottle and stop contributing to the mess.
  • Use cloth instead of paper for towels and napkins.
  • Start noticing packaging. Avoid products with lots of it and try buying in bulk.
  • Buy secondhand – everything from books& music to outdoor furniture.
  • Before throwing away, donate unwanted items to charitable thrift stores.
  • When shopping for cars, investigate all alternative and fuel efficient vehicles.
  • Laptops use about half the energy as a desktop. Look for Energy Star® certified laptops that use 70 percent less energy than noncertified models.
  • Use re-usable containers instead of plastic wrap or foil and even reuse takeout containers.