Panda Licorice Bars - Blueberry - Case Of 36 - 1.1 Oz

Panda Licorice Bars - Blueberry - Case Of 36 - 1.1 Oz


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New and delicious Panda Licorice Bar Blueberry is made with Real Superfruit Blueberries to create a mouth watering blueberry taste sensation. Panda Licorice Bar Blueberry is made from natural ingredients without preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or white sugar. Panda - A fresh success! Panda Licorice Bar Blueberry comes in a package that has been developed specifically to keep the product soft, fresh and delicious tasting. Panda's success around the world is based on the freshness and unique consistency of the product. FAQ Why is there sometimes an uneven combination of product in a mix bag? Due to the production method of the mix bags, there might be slight variations in the mixture of components in the final product, so every bag could be slighlty different in terms of content. Why does the softness of licorice vary? Small variations in softness are normal for licorice, and the softness varies through the storage period. Why does the color of licorice vary? The color of licorice changes through its shelf life. Small color variations are normal for this type of product.
Ingredients : Molasses, Wheat Flour, Blueberry Puree, Citric Acid, Natural flavor, Licorice Extract.
Country of origin : Finland
Vegan : Yes
Kosher : Yes
Size : 1.1 OZ
Pack of : 36

Product Selling Unit : case

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