Thinksport Yoga Mat - Black-black

Thinksport Yoga Mat - Black-black


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Once we identified the ideal, safe material, we started asking yoga enthusiasts (ourselves included!) what they would change about their existing mats. The #1 complaint that people had was that their existing mats were too thin and uncomfortable. So, we designed our mats to be thicker than existing mats. We were careful not to make our mat too thick so that it became difficult for balancing poses. Due to the advanced material, our thicker mat remains remarkably light. Also, our mats do not have a strong enew mate odor. While doing market research prior to the launch of our mat, we were constantly amused when people would hold the mat close to their nose, take a deep whiff, and exclaim ewow, your mat is not stinky!e.
Ingredients : High Performance TPE Material - Keeps you steady in the most demanding poses
Country of origin : Taiwan
Size : CT
Pack of : 1

Product Selling Unit : each

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